Non-NHS Work & Fees

Not all of our services come under the umbrella of the NHS, and these services consequently attract a fee (just as an accountant or solicitor would charge for their time).

Not all fees are payable by the patient. Some will be paid by the insurance company or employer, and this can cause some confusion. If you have any doubt about whether you will have to pay please ask our reception staff. Payment may be in cash or by cheque and a receipt will be given.

For information on our current fees ask at our reception desk. Please note that some fees vary according to how much time the private service takes.

We also provide the following services that will attract a fee:

  • Insurance Reports and Examinations
  • Insurance Claim Forms
  • Employers Letters, Certificates and Reports
  • Letters for Schools, etc
  • Letters to the Housing Department
  • Medical Examinations
  • Copies of Medical Records or Reports
  • Passport Forms
  • Healthcare for Non-UK Residents
  • Circumcision